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1- Welcome to your Xirvik seedbox.
(i.e what happens after you complete your order).

2- Xirvik Seedboxes overview.

1. Dedicated seedboxes
2. Semidedicated seedboxes
3. Shared seedboxes

3- Using FTP for data transfer
How to transfer files from/to your PC.

1. CuteFtp (recommended)
2. Filezilla

4- Using your included HTTP proxy
How to configure your browser to use the proxy

5- Making the most out of your seedbox account
(things that newbies do but shouldn't, how to improve ratio and so on)

6- Using your account via the web interface
The basics of using our TorrentFlux-b4rt.

How to configure OpenVPN and connect to your Xirvik gateway.

8- Group server administration
How to manage your users in your group server.

9- rutorrent tutorial
All you need to know to get started in the best rtorrent web interface there is.

10- Firefox Plugin Tutorial
How to get the Firefox plugin set up.

11- Chrome Plugin Tutorial
How to get the Chrome plugin set up.

12- How to access media directly from XBMC
How to access media directly from XBMC

13- Using autodl-irssi to download automatically
How to use autodl-irssi to download new releases as they are published.

14- autodl-irssi advanced settings
Pro techniques in autodll-irssi

15- SOCKS5 proxy
Using the SOCKS5 proxy

16- RSS (I)
Getting started with RSS

17- RSS (II)
RSS - specific filters tips

18- A Walk Round The Dashboard
Getting started: The dashboard

19- External File Hosts
Using Your Seedbox With External File Hosts

20- Using S2S (seedbox to seedbox)
Sending files to other users with 100% privacy



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