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Welcome to your Xirvik seedbox!

After you complete your order, we assign you the best possible server (based on your location). As soon as your account is created, you receive a welcome email with your login information, which includes name of assigned server, your username, and your password. An example would be this:

Assigned server:
Username: markw
Password: 42sdfs.Ax

The username is the same for both web and FTP (see the tutorials for information on accessing).

We do our best to assign each user to the server that is most likely to provide best speeds, which is usually the closest one to the user. We know however that some ISPs don't get along (for example, at the time of this writing there's no direct route between France's OVH and Spain's Telefonica). Should this be the case, we will be happy to transfer you to another server. We get our servers from different providers in different locations.

You can cancel your subscription at any time, no question asked. Your account will not be suspended until the paid period is up.

Also, you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription whenever you need. Just cancel your subscription and resubscribe on the new plan.

If you have any kind of problem, our tech support is available every day including weekends. These are the most important things to know when contacting tech support:

- Our online staff speaks English, Spanish and French. German support is available via email.
- There's no charge for technical help.
- We won't look into your directory unless you give us permission.

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