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Xirvik’s Dashboard

A Walk Round The Dashboard

Welcome to Xirvik servers dashboard. There are four fundamental versions of this, one for Shared servers, one for semi-dedicated servers, one for Power servers and one for dedicated servers. The full array of what you can play with depends on your server type.

Here we see the complete set available to Dedicated servers.
In this tutorial we will have a quick look at what is available and how to access them.
For a more in depth look at a particular feature click the More details link


This gives you direct access to the news feed from Xirvik and is exactly the same as the News Tab in rutorrent and is updated live.


Here you will find confirmation of your username, your server type and details of your payment status and current service end date.
More details

Server details

This gives details of your server, its cpu loading and disk usage.
More details


Provides access to the server via HTTP, FTP, SFTP and Samba protocols.
More details

FTP users

Lists the FTP accounts you have enabled and allows their management.
More details

BitTorrent clients

Allows you to choose which BitTorrent client you want to use from your allowable clients.
More details


This is where you set up your proxy settings for the server.
More details


Lists the services available on the server and allows you to stop, start or restart them.
More details

IRC Tools

Here you gain access to IRC and ZNC to monitor IRC channels.
More details


From here you can link/create a dropbox and then manage it.
More details

Media Player

Enables direct streaming of media to your local VNC or transcoding on server.
More details

Browser Add-ons

From here you can download the latest add-on and automatically configure it for your server/s
More details

IPhone interface

Provides a link to your server for use from your IPhone
More details


Provides a link to your server for use with your Android phone
More details


Enables you to ping a host from your server or to temporarily allow pings to your server for debugging
More details


Allows you to do a traceroute from your server to your home IP or some other IP for debugging purposes
More details

Personal website

From here you can pay for a webserver account on your server, then the webserver control panel will be accessible from this link
More details

FTP connections

This will list the active FTP connections to your server
More details


This allows access to download files on the server using the PyLoad feature
No longer supported but here if you want to play


Here you can monitor past statistics for your servers upload and download
More details

SSL certificates

Here you can add SSL certificates for your trackers if they are not automatically accepted
More details


Here you can access Rapidleech and upload and download content to/from your server using some of the popular filehosting sites
More details


Here you can download your servers VPN configuration so you can access the web via your servers VPN
More details


From here you can access SABnzbd to access and monitor binary newsfeeds
More details


From here you can get direct file downloads to your server
More details


Here you can run the classic internet speedtest from your server to a host of global servers
More details

rTorrent Screen

This gives basic information streamed from rtorrent


Gives access to the servers DNS cache to resolve DNS issues
More details


Enables you to restore ruTorrent or rTorrent to Xirviks default settings for when you mess up
More details

Referral Program

This provides the link you give to interested people so you can earn free time on Xirvik
More details


This link will send you to Xirvik’s wonderful tutorial page


This links to the Xirvik Forum

Live support

This lists the ways to contact support via IM

E-mail Support

This provides links to Support and Billing e-mails

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