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RSS Autodownloader

Allows you to automatically match and download content from your favorite torrent sites.

The first step in setting up is to get the feed from your chosen site most have a wiki or forum section advising you how todo this, the format is typically as below

The text highlighted typically is generated from the chosen sections you picked, for this example we have category 300 which is Torrents (moviesx264).

Adding feed to rutorrent

Right-click on the feed alias in the left sidebar and choose Add RSS Feed.

Now to insert your feed url into the correct field

If all information was correct you should now see

Set up a basic filter

(please see advanced filter section for other examples)

Either click on the RSS Downloader Button


Right-click on the feed alias in the left sidebar and choose RSS Manager

Then you are presented with a filter to populate

Now Click Add and give your Filter a Name

We now need to populate the filter settings. Since we picked Torrents (moviesx264) as the category you may want to match all releases fill in the following fields

Filter: /()/i

Exclude: Leave empty as we want all releases

RSS: from drop down choose the alias of the feed, the filter will be applied to (“Xirvik” in our case).

Directory: Choose your preferred location to store the download Be sure to tick Don't start the download automatically, at this moment we are just testing our filters

Label: Downloaded .torrents will be auto-labeled using this value (useful for sorting jobs by label).

RatioGroup: If set up in preferences this allows you to assign an action to the torrent once certain criteria are met

Channel: If set up in preferences this allows you to assign an upload/download speed restriction to match torrents.

Test Filter

We are now ready to test this filter, click on ?

You then should have a list of torrents that match

Click ok on the matches box


This Step is very important if you DO NOT want to load all current matched torrents into your client and you did not select don't start the download automatically as above

Right-click the the torrents that were matched by the filter and select mark as, loaded

Activate Feed

Now click on OK button and RSS feed will be saved and active

Get Familiar

Do test your setup properly before configuring the plugin to autodownload! Set up your filters and leave the plugin running for about a day, then examine the results and verify that your filters are actually filtering out the right stuff!

Additional Options

You may want to change is Feed Interval which is located under settings – feed

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