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-<​h2>​CuteFTP Tutorial</​h2>​ 
-<​p>​CuteFTP is an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client, used for transferring files either to or from a server.<​br>​ 
-  FTP is most beneficial with large numbers of files or folders, but you'll soon want to use it every chance you get.<​br>​ 
-  It's simple and quick, ​ no harder than dragging and dropping files like we're all used to. </p> 
-<​p>​What makes CuteFTP so great? <br> 
-  The ease of use, speed, and professional yet intuitive interface make CuteFTP one of the very best FTP solutions.<​br>​ 
-<​p>​That'​s not all there is to CuteFTP though. <br> 
-Don't let the name fool you, it's got quite an arsenal of advanced features including several types of encryption, queue saving, scheduled transfers, and much more.</​p>​ 
-<p>We will cover the basics of getting connected to your Xirvik seedbox, and a bit extra to get you off to a good start.</​p>​ 
-<​p>​First,​ make sure get CuteFTP if you don't have it already.<​br>​ 
-  Support the developers and buy it from <a href="​http://​​products/​ftp_clients.aspx">​here.</​a></​p>​ 
-When you first open up CuteFTP, you'll see this dialog box. 
-<​h5>​(Note:​ If this isn't your first time you can access the connection wizard by using Ctrl+J or File &gt; Connect &gt; Connection Wizard)</​h5>​ 
-Go ahead and fill <​strong>​Host address</​strong>​ with the URL you use to access your main seedbox page on Xirvik. 
-<​p>​The site name will fill auto-fill with the host address you specify, feel free to change it to anything you'd like.</​p>​ 
-<​p>​Hit <​strong>​Next</​strong>​.<​br>​ 
-  Enter in your usual seedbox Username and Password into the corresponding fields.</​p>​ 
-<​p></​html>​ {{:​cftp3.png|}}<​html></​p>​ 
-<​p>​Hit <​strong>​Next.</​strong></​p>​ 
-<​p>​This next section isn't important, just choose where you'd like the default local folder to be. <br> 
-All this means is that when you connect to the server CuteFTP will automatically set the local directory to whatever you specify.<​br>​ 
-If unsure, choose C:\. 
-<​p></​html>​{{:​cftp4.png|}} <​html></​p>​ 
-<​p>​Hit <​strong>​Next</​strong>​ &amp; then <​strong>​Finish.</​strong></​p>​ 
-<​p>​You'​ll now see your newly configured FTP server in the <​em>​Site Manager</​em>​ to the left.<​br>​ 
-  Let's go ahead and right click on it and navigate to <​strong>​Properties</​strong>​. </p> 
-<​p></​html>​{{:​cftp5.png|}} <​html></​p>​ 
-<​p>​Here you can change everything about the way CuteFTP connects to the server.<​br>​ 
-  All we need to do now is switch to <​em>​Type</​em>​ and select <​strong>​FTP with TLS/SSL (Auth TLS - Explicit)</​strong>​ under <​em>​Protocol Type</​em>​.</​p>​ 
-<​p></​html>​ {{:​cftp6.png|}}<​html><​br>​ 
-  Now hit <​strong>​Connect </​strong>​so we can try it out!</​p>​ 
-<p>So now that you are connected, here's an overview of the main CuteFTP window.</​p>​ 
-<​p></​html>​{{:​cftp7.png|}} <​html></​p>​ 
-<​p>​You can use the quick server bar to enter in server information quickly, and connect.<​br>​ 
-  You can drag from the left panel (Local Folders) to the right panel (Remote Folders) to upload files and folders.<​br>​ 
-  Dragging from the Remote folders to the Local folders will download the files and folders.<​br>​ 
-Alternately you can right click click files and hit <​strong>​Download</​strong>​. </p> 
-<​p>​Once you begin downloading/​uploading something it will be visible in the Queue section.<​br>​ 
-  Here you can stop, start, and delete the transfer by right clicking on it.<​br>​ 
-  Below is an example of what you will see if you right click a queued transfer.</​p>​ 
-<​p></​html>​{{:​cftp8.png|}} <​html><​br>​ 
-  Everything is basic here.<​br>​ 
-  You can also load/save your queues, and change the order in which something will download here. <br> 
-  Also you can remove queues that are either finished or still going from this context menu. 
-<​p>​Also if you ever want to close CuteFTP but don't want your downloads to stop, go ahead.<​br>​ 
-  They will continue downloading in the Transfer Engine. You can see it in the bottom right of your screen next to your clock.<​br>​ 
-</​html>​ {{:​cftp9.png|}}<​html></​p>​ 
-<​p>​When CuteFTP is closed, double-click it to see your Transfer'​s in action!</​p>​ 
-<​p>​That just about sums it up! <br> 
-  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and now have a better understanding of what CuteFTP is all about!</​p>​ 
-<​p>​Thanks for choosing Xirvik.</​p>​  
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