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 +By default, Plex Media Server is configured with an non standard port (for security reasons) instead of 32400. This means that you may be limited to streaming video at a reduced quality of 2 Mbps. Fortunately,​ there is an easy fix for this issue.
 +First, go to your seedbox dashboard and open the Plex page. Then, hover over the link called "​here"​ that takes you to the Plex Web UI:
 +When you see the link in your browser, take note of the number that appears after the colon after "​"​. This number is the port that Plex Media Server is running on.
 +Then, log into Plex by clicking that link. Open Settings using the button in the top right:
 +Go to the "​Remote Access"​ section. Then, check the box that says "​Manually specify public port", and then enter the port that you got from the link earlier.
 +After you do that, the "​Remote Access"​ section should have green text that says "Fully accessible outside your network"​. This means that you will now be able to stream from Plex at full quality.
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