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 +This enables you to monitor your servers upload and download statistics in a variety of formats. When you first click on the link it will take you to the Summary tab.\\ \\  
 +{{:​dashboard_traffic_summary.png|}}\\ \\ 
 +This shows the amount of data uploaded from the server and the amount downloaded to the server in the past Hour, Day and Month.\\ \\  
 +{{:​dashboard_traffic_top_10.png|}}\\ \\  
 +The Top 10 tab lists the daily throughput with the largest total throughput at the top and the least at the bottom.\\ \\  
 +{{:​dashboard_traffic_hourly.png|}}\\ \\  
 +The Hourly tab lists the past 24hrs statistics in an hour by hour chart.\\ \\  
 +{{:​dashboard_traffic_daily.png|}}\\ \\  
 +The Daily tab lists the past months statistics in a day by day chart.\\ \\  
 +{{:​dashboard_traffic_monthly.png|}}\\ \\ 
 +The Monthly tab lists the past years statistics in a month by month chart.\\ \\  
 +{{:​dashboard_traffic_speed.png|}}\\ \\  
 +The Speed chart tab displays all this data in a graphical view.\\ \\  
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