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IRC gives you access to your trackers chat rooms and is used by autodl-irssi to monitor their Announce channels.

The first option you have is to view the IRSSI feeds

You can access the IRSSI feeds and change your global IRSSI nickname. When you access IRSSI you will get a page showing the status page and tab links to all the channels you are connected to.

For more information on IRSSI click here

You can also set up ZNC which is an IRC bouncer and allows you to remain in channels even if you log off from your server, this then maintains the chat logs.

from here you can note your IP, port and password that you will enter into your IRC client to enable connection to it. For more information check out their web site ZNC

ZNC modules shows which modules are loaded and which are enabled.

For more information on what modules do and how to use them click here


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