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-From your IPhone click the Check it out button ​and it will take you to the utorrent iPhoneUI.\\ \\  +====== Tutorial: BarMagnet for iOS ====== 
-{{:dashboard_iphone.png|}}\\ \\ + 
 +To administrate ​your Xirvik seedbox from your iPhone you may use an app called BarMagnet. 
 +===== Installing BarMagnet ===== 
 +Unfortunately,​ BarMagnet is not available on the Apple App Store, so you will have to sideload ​it. This page will show you how to do that with an application called Cydia Impactor, which works with Windows, Linux, ​and macOS. 
 +Please note that you may have to reinstall the app every 7 days due to limitations with iOS code signing. However, thanks to the QR code system, setting up the app each time is very easy. 
 +Also, if you have a jailbroken iPhone, you may be able to use a jailbreak tweak to install the IPA from https://​​Qata/​BarMagnet/​releases,​ but this has not been tested. 
 +==== Installation using Cydia Impactor ==== 
 +  * Download and install Cydia Impactor from http://​ 
 +  * Download the latest BarMagnet IPA file from https://​​Qata/​BarMagnet/​releases 
 +  * If your version of the IPA file is 1.9.4, please follow the instructions at the bottom of this section 
 +  * Plug in your iPhone to your computer’s USB port 
 +  * Open Impactor 
 +  * In the menu at the top, click Device->​Install Package, and select barmagnet.ipa if you followed the 1.9.4 instructions below, or otherwise the IPA you downloaded from GitHub. 
 +(Windows screenshot source: 
 +  * Enter your Apple ID email and password when you are prompted 
 +  * On your iPhone go to Settings->​General->​Profiles & Device Management and click your email, then click Trust: 
 +  * You can disconnect your iPhone and close Impactor 
 +  * Now you can go to your home screen and open BarMagnet 
 +===If the version is 1.9.4, then there is a glitch in the file, which you can fix by doing this:=== 
 +  * Rename the file to end in ZIP instead of IPA 
 +  * Extract the file 
 +  * If the extracted folder is named “payload” (lowercase p), then rename ​it to “Payload” (uppercase P) 
 +  * Right-click the Payload folder and click “send to -> compressed (zipped) folder” (Windows) or “compress” (macOS) 
 +  * Rename the newly created zip file to barmagnet.ipa. This is what you will install. 
 +===== Setting up BarMagnet ===== 
 +Thankfully, setting up BarMagnet is a lot easier than installing it. 
 +  * Tap the settings gear icon in the bottom-right,​ which takes you to the “Torrent Clients” screen 
 +  * Tap “Edit”, then tap the green + icon to add a torrent client 
 +  * Select Xirvik rTorrent 
 +  * Tap "Scan QR code", and scan the QR code from the “Mobile” section of your Seedbox Dashboard 
 +  * Name the seedboxYour screen should look like this: 
 +  * Click Save 
 +===== Using BarMagnet ===== 
 +BarMagnet is a very simple app to use once it has been installed. In the main screen of the app, you can see a list of your currently active torrents, with some important information:​ 
 +If you tap on a torrent, you can see much more detailed information about it. Also, there are buttons to pause/​resume the torrent, and remove it: 
 +You can add a torrent by tapping the + icon in the top-right. Or, conveniently,​ you can tap on a magnet link in Safari, and it will be added. 
 +Please note that if the torrents list appears blank, you may just have to wait 10-15 seconds for BarMagnet to load the list from the server. 
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