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 +From this feature we can get the information needed to allow the set up of a file transfer program like **CuteFTP** or **Filezilla** 
 +For an FTP file transfer we use\\ \\  
 +{{:​wiki:​dashboard_download_ftp.png|}}\\ \\  
 +For a SFTP file transfer we use\\ \\  
 +{{:​wiki:​dashboard_download_sftp.png|}}\\ \\  
 +If you want to access the servers download folder directly and download using HTTP then use Direct Web Access tab and click Access files\\ \\  
 +{{:​wiki:​dashboard_download_direct_access.png|}}\\ \\  
 +From this we can navigate to the relevent folder and download the files\\ \\  
 +{{:​wiki:​dashboard_download_direct_access_index.png|}}\\ \\  
 +You can also use the windows filesharing protocol Samba\\ \\  
 +{{:​wiki:​dashboard_download_samba.png|}}\\ \\  
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