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 +This gives you access to the servers DNS files, here you can Flush the DNS.\\ \\  
 +{{:​dashboard_dns_flush.png|}}\\ \\  
 +You can lookup the IP of a URL or resolve an IP to it's URL.\\ \\  
 +{{:​dashboard_dns_lookup.png|}}\\ \\  
 +If one of your trackers is not connecting you can manually update the Host file with their information.\\ \\  
 +{{:​dashboard_dns_host.png|}}\\ \\  
 +You enter the IP and URL in the form of ###​.###​.###​.###​ hostname.domain then click Update hosts file to save the additions.\\ \\  
 +{{:​dashboard_dns_nameserver.png|}}\\ \\  
 +Sometimes the you get an error "​Cannot resolve hostname"​ to fix this click Use Google'​s DNS service and then later click Use internal DNS service.\\ \\  
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